The Great Binge Watch of January 2016

Welcome back to my world, party people!  So, the past couple of weeks have been a busy time, over here in the Djfleesh Knit Shack.  I’ve been knitting like a fiend, and working on hand dyed yarns for my shop.  For a while, my KADD (knitter’s attention deficit disorder) had me down, but I pushed through and got quite a bit of work done.  But I was still looking for that. . . something. . .

Then Netflix announced that they would be dropping Doctor Who from the line-up next month (and a great sadness fell over the earth).  Now, I fully know that I am “Fleesh-come-lately” on this, but I am a closet geek at heart, and had only just cracked Season 2.  As I read the announcement, I got this little icy finger of fear that I would miss out, so, needless to say, I have been on an unhealthy diet of Who, ever since.

The only down side to this whole thing is that I JUST CAN’T STOP!!  Picture this.  It’s the middle of the night, (and I am a night owl, so we are talking waaayyyy late) and I’m thinking I’ll just finish the last 8 minutes of this episode.  Then something really dramatically intriguing happens, which leads me into the next episode and a half.  By then it’s really, really, late (now mind you all of the time I have been working on some project or other), and my eyelids are on the floor.  This is usually when the hashtag #justgotobedalready flashes on the inside of my eyelids, and finally, it’s up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

Then, it all begins again the next day – and I’ve been at this all week, by now.

The lessons learned?  Even a good binge leads to inspiration, and for me provides a soundtrack for a whole lot of work (I made 4 of those sweater vests pictured above)!

Now I leave you with a little music selection for your listening pleasure (these are from one of my favorite iTunes playlists):

Nick Drake – Northern Sky

Pablo Nutini – White Lies

Rickie Lee Jones – On Saturday Afternoons in 1963

Shawn Colvin – I Don’t Know Why

The Sundays – Wild Horses


Thanks for dropping in and have a great couple of weeks!


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Taking the Leap and Knitter’s ADD

Greetings from the Knit Shack (or my “knitting fort” here in the living room at home base)!  Thank you very much for dropping by to see what is happening in my world.  This is my first installment, which I hope to do every couple of weeks or so.  I have been wanting to put my thoughts on fiber arts and other things to “paper” for a while, so after staring over the edge of the blogging cliff for years, I felt it was time to finally get on down to it and take that leap. . . sooooooo, here we go.

As a long time knitter, designer, and sometime yarn dyer, I have been running into this annoying Knitter’s ADD of late.  Here’s how it goes (deep breath):  I print out my pattern, highlight all of the important parts, get out my chosen needles and notions, lovingly prep the yarn, set up my knitting  nook, and finally cast on.  Now I’m cooking, I’m into the project a bit, and I think “let me just check Ravelry to see what’s shaking,” peruse a few pages of patterns or yummy yarns.  Take a coffee break.  Take a potty break.  Answer a couple of phone calls (or even FaceTime with my sister in Germany, followed by FaceTiming with my mom, and then another of my sisters).  Check my email.  Pick the project up again and burn through things for a good while (here’s where a good episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent or Dateline on ID comes in handy).  Take another break to fill an order from my shop.  Think about what to make for dinner.  Think about another design floating around my head (better sketch that out quick before I forget it).  Start a load of laundry.  Pick up the project again and work a good half hour.  Put the laundry in the dryer.  Cast on that design I sketched out (better do that before I forget it).  Get online for a little bit (because I just got an email from my favorite online yarn shop).  Quickly sketch a colorway I’ve been thinking about for some sport weight yarn I want to dye this week.  Siri reminds me it’s time to start dinner and I’d better get on that.  Make dinner.  Sit down to work on that project again.

Usually by about this time, the husband comes home and asks what I’ve been up to all day, and I get that look on my face like the emoji that has two eyes and no mouth.  You know what I’m talking about, whether you are a knitter, crocheter, seamstress, macrame worker, artist, at home mother, or at home father.  You’ve been in motion all day long, but can’t always put a finger on what you’ve been doing, right?  When I read over the above paragraph, it might give the impression that I don’t get much done, but in only SEEMS that way.  A few weeks ago, I had a very productive week, although, in retrospect, I am seriously thinking about one of those vacuuming robots to handle that job around here.  I wound up making a bunch of hats and filling a bunch of orders for my Etsy shop.

That week’s lesson?  Make a list and stick to it, for crying out loud!  I love completed tasks, checked boxes and finished objects, so I’m going to try it over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I will celebrate what I have been able to accomplish (see my little gallery of hats below), and be content with that.

Since I am a musical gal, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite tunes this week:

Adele – Water Under the Bridge (who am I kidding, that whole album is incredible)

Diplo – Revolution (I am a total fool for those Step Up movies)

Seal – Daylight Saving


Have a great couple of weeks, and I thank you for spending a little time with me!


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