Where You Been, Girl?

Well hello there!  It’s been a minute, huh?  I’ve been “off the scope,” working through a bit of a funk, and with the change of seasons, have touched bottom and am on the way back to the surface. There has been a lot of knitting project finishing, stitch marker making, project bag making, and yes, yarn dyeing!  There have been stretches of self-doubt followed by some great inspiration too, all making for some great things popping up in my shop.  I managed to do a few shows, and found myself exhausted, inspired, happy, sad, disappointed and ecstatic too.  It’s been a busy bunch-a months!



Running a small business is a challenge, which we all know, with it’s good days, and it’s not so good days.  When you are going it alone, it can be hard to keep up the motivation needed to drive the business forward, add in the distractions of social media, a very needy dog, a husband who needs clean clothes and daily dinner, and it really gets serious.  I had fallen into a bit of a rabbit hole, and can finally see the daylight (kind of like Alice of fiction).  There are still days where I’m happy to stay down in my little comfy hovel, digging in to force myself to finish a project, or dye up some new yarn.  Then there are days where I’m outside of my comfort zone, where I’ll try a new knitting technique, try a new way of dyeing yarn, or maybe just use colors I usually would not.

This is from one of my favorite mini-series, Alice, a great nerdy telling of the Alice in Wonderland tale.  I’m down here in the rabbit hole, and not too upset to be here, usually!

Earlier this year, I began The Great Webb Sock Project, which includes a pair of socks for each member of what began as my immediate family, and has morphed into some extended family and in-laws.  I made a great dent in that list (I have a HUGE family), and will continue until this year’s is done (at this rate, it’ll be early 2018 when it’s done.  I still need to do Kevin’s, Keith’s, Mariya’s, Dorien’s, Seth’s, Duane’s, and another pair for my husband. . . not too bad, I’m sure I can do it!


So, to answer the question, “where you been?”  I’ve been here, paddling around, doing my thing.  Let’s see what the rest of 2017 holds, shall we?


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