Don’t Say There’s Nothing to do in the Doldrums. . . It’s Just Not True.

So, this is that wonderful time of year that typically sends me into a bit of a depresso-funk.  It makes me think of Milo in the Phantom Tollbooth, when he’s stuck in the Doldrums.  You know, the feeling, not really happy, not really sad. . . just meh.  OK, so yeah, I do get sad that football season is over, and since I’m nobody’s basketball or baseball fan; add to that, the fact that I left my love of hockey somewhere back in my late teens, and there’s just not much to get all up and happy about.  The days are beginning to get a bit longer, so there’s that, but it’s not quick enough for my liking.  So my eye turns to NetflixAmazonPrimeBritboxAcorn or whatever I can find, hunting up a good binge watch to accompany my current knit project.  I racked up my old DVDs of Third Watch (the best show that was ever on TV), and settled in for my annual viewing, and found that I could get through so many unfinished projects, and revisit my “friends” from the 5-5 (#nypd #fdny).  At one point my husband peeked over the couch and saw my smile, knowing I was really and truly. . . happy!  As I finished Season 6, Episode 22, that familiar weepy sadness began to settle in, as I knew that the show was over and I wouldn’t get to hang with Faith, Bosco, Doc, Carlos, Kim, Sully, Ty and the gang again until the end of 2018 (Whew!  I’m so glad I recorded and saved the show to DVD back in 2005).

third watch
My Peeps

Anyway, here’s some of the stuff I got done with my friends from Camelot, and some other friends I’m meeting along the way this Winter.  What are some of your favorite things to work along with, and am I the only one who actually feels like I know these people I spend so much time with?  (I tell you if I ever meet Molly Price, I would start a conversation in the middle of a conversation, ’cause we are besties!)

Next time around, I’ll catch you up on my dye works, and give you a peek at what’s been dancing around my head lately.  In the meantime, knit on, crochet on, rock on and roll on y’all!